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West Campus Foundation for Excellence


West Campus Foundation for Excellence

Meeting minutes 

Monday, November 14, 2022 | 6 pm Microforest presentation; 6:30 pm-7:30 pm

IN PERSON: WC Library. virtual option please click link: https://meet.google.com/ysm-ewza-mfc

Board members: Natasha Fine, President; Bella Bzoksie, VP; Julie Evens, Treasurer; Melanie Bean, Communications; Alice Liu, Membership; Rebecca Wiegand, Secretary; Leslie Fox, Parliamentarian

 present: Neelam Patil, Angela S., Ryan Fong, Sacha M., Costa Dimitriades, Jill Tompkins, Maricel Miguelino, Principal McMeekin, John Lundgren

6 pm microforest project presentation. Neelam Patil presented her projects in Berkeley. Miyawaki method of planting density. Helps with carbon sequestration and rapid growth and sustainability. Janel Silva is working with Ms. Patil to it bring it to West.  sustainable in 18 months -3 years minimal weeding needed monthly after that. Janel will follow up with green team and students. This should be more student-led. average cost $100,000 and planning about 6 months to a year ideal. multiple potential sponsors we would have to reach out for grants and corporate sponsorship if we move forward. Next step Janel will follow up with the school. https://www.berkeleyside.org/2021/11/25/miyawaki-pocket-forests-berkeley-unified-school-district

  1. 6:30 pm: Meeting called to order 
  2. Principal’s update

Physics online content started. some concerns it was not ideal. waiting for a new teacher, and not sure if this candidate will accept for second semester. this was only online option offered by the district. UC Scout was too costly. Kaitlyn made it to X-country state competition. december 1 course selection deadline. equity team will start meeting. question about getting more student involvement from Rosette. Rosette is the foundation equity and inclusion chair. review WASC(western association School accreditation) this year. Happened every few years and west campus has done well before. 

  1. Approval bylaws. unanimous. highlight changed in membership definition, all parents and guardians of students. voting on annual budget and expenditures beyond that as well as any future bylaw changes. adding parliamentarian role. 

Bylaws: WCFE.Bylaws.Word.Final.Draft.docx

  1. ASB updates from Leo

HOCO was a success and thought they had a lot of food they used it all. 

mental health awareness week is this week. Carnievil was a success. many tours for prospective students done by asb the past few weeks. over 150 students. last day this wednesday for tours. students can still apply by 11/30 so get the word out. upcoming canned food drive. Winter Dance 2/11.

  1.     Membership updates – we had a similar amount of members at this point as last year and we appreciate it. new sponsorship levels and donation drive will be coming soon with a new website. 
  2. Treasurer report – For Sept our income was $4,543.27 (mostly from membership donations) and expense was ($5,903.95) (mostly from student scholarship checks), with an ending balance of $37,305.83 (with a few outstanding uncashed checks from July to Sept).  For Oct, our income was $2,195.53 (including Fall fundraiser of pie sales), and our expense was ($129.00), with an ending balance of $38,827.36 (with one outstanding uncashed check). Plus, as of Nov 14th, we have about $39,600 in

the bank (including some membership donation income), but this does not reflect the remaining expenses that need to be accounted for the fall fundraiser (Pies/Oil-Vinegar sales). 

  1. VP-Gala-volunteers needed. 2/25 love and peace. 
  1.   Special Funding Request by ASB and Debate team:

debate team:


asked about what is being paid for. seems a local lawyer supports several schools and they need to pay for coaches to help. also hotel for competition. they have had this request in the past as well. approved unanimously.  $1,000 this is max expense reimbursement.

ASB request: $1,000. Campus relations portion of ASB has limited funding. also they cannot pay for any teacher events as they had to go back to students. this also was similar request to prior requests. they already need pumpkins reimbursed. also approved unanimously.  $1,000 max expense. 

further discussion to be had on process. suggested committee to review for equity. either move quickly each meeting and we might miss out on some or wait for all at once but might delay and miss out on groups that need funding. 

  1.     college tours-Maricel is working with counselors. Bella is helping as well. right now plan junior class spring. buses cost $1,300-1,400 for a day. 
  1.     Diversity-Rosette has started attending equity meetings. concern if enough student involvement. 
  1.   Volunteers

-Senior grad night

-Girls who code

-Holiday party for staff 12/21 lead by Jill. will be looking for donations and help. 

-How to sign up to be a volunteer

  1. Fundraisers: summary (looks like our Pie sales will profit about $1,200, with 1/3 going to foundation, 1/3 to senior and junior class)

Next meeting: Monday, 12/12/2022 at 6:30 pm in the Library with a virtual option

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