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West Campus Foundation for Excellence




West Campus Foundation for Excellence

Meeting Agenda

Monday, March 13, 2022 | 6:00 pm-7:30 pm 

IN PERSON: WC Library. virtual option please click link: https://meet.google.com/ysm-ewza-mfc

Board members: Natasha Fine, President; Bella Bzoksie, VP; Julie Evens, Treasurer; Rosette Nguyen, Communications; Alice Liu, Membership; Rebecca Wiegand, Secretary; Leslie Fox, Parliamentarian



In attendance: 


  1. 6:00 pm: Meeting called to order (new communications-Rosette)

  2. Principal’s update (5 minutes)

3. Approval of prior meeting minutes. (2 minutes)

 *WCFE 2.6.2023 Meeting Minutes

4. ASB updates (5 minutes)

5. Gala Summary (10 minutes)

Vote: support west campus band the whole amount they raised. (they put in a lot of additional time and bar license)

6.  Senior project updates (30 minutes) (Vote funding?)

-Agnus Kong: Career Day 6/1. (10-15 minutes)

-Sam McCollough, Joseph O’Toole, Luke Steinheimer: senior project funding (Possible vote)

6.     Membership updates (2 minutes)

7. Treasurer report for last month (5 minutes)


8. Future funding request protocol (15 minutes)

Vote: request for student planners. 

The deadline to place the order would be May 9th for the cover and June 6th for the handbook pages. 

For 850 Large Telluride datebook planners it would cost $2,541. This would not have any customizations for advertisers or anything. If we wanted to add a customized front and back cover for advertisers it would cost $3,179. Sutter just has a custom front cover for their datebook and to do just that would be $2,967. However, the free cover will allow for our school name on it, we just wouldn’t have a school logo or anything on the free cover. I think this is more in our price range and would allow for us to provide this datebooks to students without having to worry about advertising. Do you think the Foundation can cover the cost of $1500-$2000 if the school pitches in $1,000? 

vote: model UN $680 WCFE Special request model un

vote: 9th grade books: possibly funded by the school. pending 3/9



  9.     college tours (5 minutes)


 10.     Diversity (5 minutes)


 11.   Volunteers (as time allows)

-Prom 4/15 volunteers needed

-Senior grad night

-girls who code

-how to sign up to be a volunteer



Next meeting: Monday, 4/10/2023 at 6:00 pm in the Library with a virtual option

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