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Comms Volunteers Needed

We need volunteer help with our communications team. Our Communications Director, Karen Lewis, is looking for extra hands to help with disseminating information. We are happy to train and provide guidance on what to do, but need the persons who can help!

We have virtual volunteer roles available, and they don’t require background checks or volunteer paperwork (although we encourage it!). You can tailor your commitment to your availability, and we’ve outlined expectations for certain roles. It’s also an excellent opportunity to learn more about the foundation if you’re considering joining our team in the future.

Calendar Lead:
Check to ensure events are on Google Calendar, School website, WCFE website and Facebook where appropriate. Monitor school emails, Facebook page, Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/wchsofficial/), on campus, and any other avenue
Expected Commitment: 30 min – 1 hour week, 2-4 hours a month
Number of volunteers: 1-2

Facebook Committee:
Content calendar; includes building out and planning or posting content on a regular schedule, event creation, and promotion of ongoing initiatives. Post moderation and engagement; includes responding to questions or concerns and providing links or resources for answers, providing event recaps and engagement with followers to provide positive dialogue. 
Expected Commitment: 30 min – 1 hour week, no more than 4 hours a month
Number of volunteers: 2-4

Graphic Design:
Do you love creating visual graphics, logos, and matching font styles? We’d love more help with creating graphics for emails, social, web. Includes a free Canva Pro account!
Expected Commitment: no more than 3 hours a month, typically <45 minutes a week
Number of volunteers: 1-3

Website Updates
Interested in gaining website experience? Whether you’re a back-end or front-end web professional or simply want to ensure our Foundation website stays up-to-date, we welcome you. No prior experience required! We’ll provide training on posting, archiving, categorizing, and linking to resources.
Expected Commitment: ~4 hours a month, typically 30min – 1 hour a week (with about 2-4 volunteers)
Number of volunteers: 4

This is our primary membership database and a crucial communication channel. You can help by creating or adjusting templates, adding or creating content, providing and updating links, securing and placing images before our team reviews and sends out. We provide a document with the content; your task is to integrate it into our platform with the necessary links and images. If you have an affinity for database and data management, consider volunteering to help clean our database and manage audience segments for specific groups, such as the senior class and volunteers.
Expected Commitment: 1-2 hours a month, usually one week
Number of volunteers: 3

To assist with these roles or other communication tasks, please contact Karen Lewis at communications@wc-fe.org. Volunteering for nonprofits not only feels rewarding but also enhances your appeal to potential employers and strengthens the communities you’re part of.

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