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Community Partnerships

The West Campus Foundation for Excellence (WCFE or Foundation) relies on the generosity of our families and the local community to raise funds to support our mission and the West Campus community. Starting in 2023, the Foundation introduced a Community Partnership program, fostering relationships between local businesses, organizations, and community members, allowing donors to contribute and positively impact the educational experience of our students.

Community Partnerships are an integral part of the Foundation fundraising efforts. The funds are used to support West Campus High School through such activities as student scholarships, teacher funding, free volunteer fingerprinting, school-wide pancake breakfast, college tour funding, and more. In part, our community partnership program helps recover the lost income from membership dues that were eliminated in 2022 to help make our organization more inclusive and accessible to all.

There are varying levels at which to participate in our Community Partnership program, all described in the rubric below. Your support is of great value, and we desire to return that value by promoting our partners to our growing community. Our supporters reflect the strength of our community, the belief in our mission, and a shared commitment to our students and their families.

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Thank you to our 2023-2024 Community Partners

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