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Foundation Elections-Update!- (closing May 8)

WCFE Board Election 2023-2024
Please vote for who will be on the WCFE for the 2023-24 school year.
Online voting will remain open until 5 PM on Monday, May 8th.

We wanted to share some updates on the elections underway for Foundation board positions – please take a moment to read the information below. 

Context: Elections opened earlier this week via an electronic ballot, which can be accessed here https://forms.gle/cdBR4FY8Mzn9Pzg46. Voting is open to the entire West Campus community, with one vote per person, until 5 PM May 8th. The election determines who serves on the Foundation board from July 1st, 2023- to June 30th, 2024.

What Changed: There were three errors in the ballot distributed earlier this week, and one candidate has withdrawn. These have been corrected on the electronic ballot. In the interest of accuracy and transparency, we are sharing the changes below. 

If you have already voted and you choose to change your vote based on the new information below, please email secretary@wc-fe.org and you will receive a new ballot.

Updates Undertaken: 

  • A sentence was inadvertently omitted from the candidate statement provided for Bella Agrawal, who is running for VP, has been added back. In addition, a misspelling of her last name has been corrected.

  • The last name of Dan Mishell, who is running for Secretary, was misspelled and has been corrected

  • One of the candidates for Parliamentarian, Leslie M. Fox, has withdrawn from the election.

Full detail: The updated ballot information is below. The corrected and updated information is underlined; this updated information is identical to what is now on the electronic ballot:

Vice President (Vote for One)

BELLA AGRAWAL (corrected from AGARAWAL) — Having acted as VP in the 2022-23 academic year, I have learned a lot about the school and the functions and mission of the foundation. We were able to make several changes including, changing by-laws to fit current needs and intention, with membership now being free to the entire school. The desire is to improve inclusivity and participation. Work was done on passive income sources and several successful fundraisers and ensuring that the foundation met legal requirements for its status. After a lot of work, the foundation is in a much better place to serve the families of WC and I wish to be able to build further on this. I was Head Chair of the Gala in 2023 and brought in over 30K revenue for the foundation, while forming several committees to help achieve that. I know that I can continue to achieve greater things for the foundation and therefore the school, if voted for in 2023-24. My passion stays strong and true and committed to West Campus Foundation for Excellence and its goal to serve the families and children.

Secretary (Uncontested)

DAN MISHELL (Corrected from DAN MISHEL) — I served for six years on the board of the Travel and Tourism Research Association (TTRA), including a term as President. While I haven’t served on a PTA or PTO board, I worked at a charter school as a young adult and was actively involved with classroom activities and other events as a parent of two daughters at Leonardo da Vinci in Hollywood Park. Education has always been one of my primary interests, first as a student, then as an employee of a charter school for at-risk students in Los Angeles, and now as a parent. I believe the WCFE is in a unique position to serve students, teachers, and administrators alike as an independent and parent-run organization. My priorities as Secretary would be to work with the President and other Board members to set clear and efficient agendas for each meeting, to take and post meeting minutes, and to participate as needed in Foundation events.

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