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Parent’s Facebook Group

Join our parent’s facebook group to connect with other parents and share information.

Private Parent’s Group


While you’re at it, be sure to follow our public Facebook page for updates too!

Public Facebook Group


Other Facebook Pages & Groups

Yes, there are many different Facebook pages and groups. The beauty of Facebook is that anyone is allowed to create a page or group. However, the two Facebook links on this page are the “official” Facebook properties owned and managed by the Foundation. There are multiple admins and moderators so there’s not ONE person deciding who can join, comment, or remove users. These admins and moderators are foundation board members and fellow parents of West Campus students. 

This policy allows us to ensure a safe and vibrant space where you can connect, share, and learn with confidence. Our team works tirelessly to maintain a respectful and inclusive environment, providing you with valuable content, fostering meaningful interactions, and promptly addressing any concerns.

We do not discourage anyone from joining or participating in other pages and discussions. We encourage families to find and utilize any and all resources they find valuable. 

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