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Notes from WCFE General Meeting on 9/11/23:
Senior Class Advisor, Sheri Donovan, then spoke to request 2023/24 WCFE funding of at least $5,000 to help cover the cost of 2024’s senior class Grad Night as well as some upfront costs for the Jr./Sr. Prom. She shared that this year’s class account has a current balance of $6,000 compared to totals of $11,000 and $15,000 in the prior two years, due in large part to challenges in accruing funds during the school years impacted by COVID. WCFE Treasurer Alice shared that the approved budget currently includes $3,500 allocated to the senior class, and WCFE President Natasha Fine said that the Board would consider Ms. Donovan’s request for the additional funding in time for a formal response by late October/early November.

Senior Parents! Help needed

Did you know the Senior class has a lot of plans this year and they need help to achieve their goals? In addition, the senior class funds are historically low (COVID reduced early on class fundraising opportunities)

Grad Night – Biggest expense and lots of volunteers needed to help & chaperone

Prom – Chaperone and donation help needed

The Senior class has been working on fundraisers to help meet their financial goals to make Grad Night a reality, including some of the below past and future events (future events pending):

  • Cookies and water sales @ Back to School Night
  • Sept: Movie Night
  • November: See’s Candies
  • November: Chipotle
  • Dutch Bros – ?
  • Food Faire: one in the fall and one in the spring
  • February: Valentine’s Grams
  • Bucket of Water challenge
There are lots of ways to help and this is not all. Please reach out if you have an idea on how to help!
I have an idea!
Volunteers are needed for events, chaperoning, and soliciting donations. Ensure you have completed the volunteer process and are cleared so you can help
Donate cash, goods, time! Donations can be directly to the senior class fund through the school (drop off at the front office) or through WCFE. WCFE's annual budget includes $3,500 for the senior class - but WCFE depends on donations to help meet our budgetary goals.
Donate to WCFE
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Days until WCHS Class of 2024 Graduation

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