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Volunteer Packet

We have a signed volunteer packet specific to West Campus High School. Complete the forms and take them to West Campus High School's front office. Pages 9-10 go with you to the Serna Center for Fingerprinting - they do not need to go to the campus first as they are already signed! Please call (916) 643-9050 to make an appointment. Questions? Reach out to the West Campus office or our VP.

Volunteering at West Campus High School & School Clearance Forms

Yes. To keep our kids safe, the school district has some health and safety requirements for all volunteers. These must be completed prior to being cleared as a volunteer for all school-related events, whether it’s helping at sporting events, school dances, or proctoring exams. 

Note this is not required for a “visitor” to campus. A visitor may help with presentations like career day, campus beautification projects and day field trips; visitors are not alone with students.

You need to pick up a volunteer packet and fill it out then complete the steps below.
It will take a few weeks from start to finish; for this reason, we encourage you to do it at the beginning of the school year.

The first step is getting a volunteer packet. 


You can either walk into the front office at West Campus and ask for one, or you can download the packet from our website here

Note you want a packet in which the Criminal Background Check page is pre-signed because that will save you a step later on. The front office has these and we have them online.

Here are three other items involved in getting cleared:

  • Getting a negative TB test
  • Taking a short “reporting” course that teaches people how to spot child abuse, and offering proof of completion.
  • Getting a background check and fingerprints

October 2023 Update

Free TB screening clinics every Thursday from 3-5pm at Serna Center 5735 47th Ave
Sac City Unified will now be offering free tuberculosis (TB) assessments for staff, new hires and volunteers every Thursday from 3-5pm (unless offices are closed due to a holiday or holiday break). Walk-ins are welcome, and no appointment is required. Contact Student Support and Health Services at (916) 643-9412 with any questions.


You can call your doctor’s office to schedule a TB test or go to a local CVS or other pharmacy.

Note this is a two-step process separated by a couple of days.

The “mandated reporter training” is online and you can find the training here: https://mandatedreporterca.com/training/school-personnel

 Expect it to take 90 minutes to two hours.

Bring the signed Criminal Background Check page from your volunteer packet to the Serna Center at 5735 47th Avenue to be fingerprinted for a cost.

 Here is the website with details on the hours and how to make an appointment at the Serna Center: https://www.scusd.edu/fingerprinting-service

You can also use this link to book a fingerprinting appointment at the Serna Center – but don’t forget to bring the SIGNED volunteer packet. You can download the signed packet here.

Did you know? You are Legally allowed to take time from work to volunteer at school!

The Family-School Partnership Act encourages parents and caregivers to get involved in children’s school activities by providing rights to time off work. If you work in a business with 25 employees or more at the same location, you have the legal right to request and take off up to 40 hours per year to participate in school- or preschool-sponsored activities like classroom volunteering, back-to-school events, and field trips. Hours off are provided through vacation usage, personal leave, compensated time off, or unpaid time. The law (Labor Code Section 230.8) first took effect in 1995. Its provisions were expanded in 1997 to add licensed child day care facilities to the kindergarten-through-grade-twelve levels included in the original legislation.


Learn more here and here

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